Opal private Nubian hotel- Aswan

4 Days

Price for  Bed & Breakfast 

The price including transportation from train station and back .

Children’s Policy:

1 st free from 0 – 6

2nd     EGP from 6 to 12 ( without chair in train )

Please note the Trip Itinerary is Optional with extra charge.


Day 1 :
First Day

•Get to Aswan, and then go to the Nubian Museum.
•Go to the Nubian Town and take some rest.
•Move to the tourist walk in free tour in the market to see a collection of the finest landscapes and hotels with cheerful colors on the island.
•GO to one of the Nubian houses to see crocodiles, have drinks and draw henna (optional).

Day 2 :
Second Day

•Take the breakfast.
•Visit The High Dam and Temple of Philae.
•Visit one of the most beautiful Nubian villages of nubian.
•Go back to the Gharb-Sohail village for dinner at one of the best restaurants.

Day 3 :
Third Day

•Take the breakfast.
•Spend all day in the Nile, and visit:
1. Island plants and watch the rare bird area
2. Mohamed Mounirs's Villa.
3. Agakhan Cemetery.
•Visit the Barbr Beach.

Day 4 :
Fourth Day

•Take the breakfast.
•Free tour in village.

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Opal private Nubian hotel- Aswan